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IPEX Poly Plant

IPEX in Edmonton turned to Efficient Eco Solutions (EES) for assistance with their Poly plant lighting system. By using LED UFO and Linear High bays, EES was able to deliver superior illumination while reducing lighting power consumption by over 50%. The installation resulted in a brighter and more visually appealing location for staff, along with significant energy savings and a provincial government rebate. EES provided a 5-year warranty, ensuring minimal maintenance for IPEX's lighting system. This project is a testament to EES's commitment to delivering tailored, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that meet their clients' specific needs.

CO2 reduction*
209.717256 tonnes


Power Savings*
276,019.45 kWH

*estimated values for IPEX Poly Plant since September 1, 2022

Solution Implemented

Upgraded LED to provide better lighting. Increased their lifetime and cut expenses immensely

  • Reduced lighting power to about 50%
  • 10 Years Lighting Lifetime
  • Doubled Lighting


Approximate Client Savings

IPEX's lighting project has been successfully completed, allowing them to recoup their implementation costs in just three years. Going forward, IPEX will enjoy monthly savings of approximately $2,012.90 on power and maintenance expenses for the lifetime of the project. This sustainable lighting solution promotes environmentally conscious practices and aligns with IPEX's commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. The project's success highlights the effectiveness of the LED technology provided by Efficient Eco Solutions (EES) and their dedication to delivering cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable lighting solutions.

Date completed:

1st Feb, 2023

Installation Cost:


Project Lifetime:

10 yr

Expected ROI:

1.44 yr

Lifetime Savings:


Monthly usage and costs comparisons

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