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Commercial Village

The owners of Commercial Village in Drayton Valley wanted to find a way to save money and also wanted to add a fresh look for their complex. We cut their lighting power use buy 3/4th and also gave it a updated modern look with our new LED rotatable wall packs

CO2 reduction*
76.915917 tonnes


Power Savings*
101,195.66 kWH

*estimated values for Commercial Village since August 1, 2021

Solution Implemented

We reduced the power bill to 1/4th of what it used to be and also gave them an improved aesthetic using our LED rotatable wall packs.

  • Increased Light output
  • 3/4th the power bill
  • New Modern Look

Approximate Client Savings

After 1.86 years Commercial Village is expected to earn back all of their implementation cost. After that they are are expecting to enjoy $498.96 as monthly savings for remaining lifetime of project.

Date completed:

August 1st, 2021

Installation Cost:


Project Lifetime:

11 yrs

Expected ROI:

2.56 yrs

Monthly Power Savings:


Lifetime Savings:


Monthly usage and costs comparisons

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